Glosses, Forms, Hues - Buddha Encounter


Sunny Wu Wong Shun Kit Chau Shik Hung胡裕明 王純杰 巢錫雄
  • Mon 26-03-2018 to Sat 31-03-2018

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


This exhibition shows the latest works of Sunny Wu, Chau Shik-hung and Wong Shun-kit, three prestigious local

Hong Kong artists who use different elements such as lights/glosses, forms and colours/hues to express their

individual artistic pursuits. These works are inspired by the traditional Buddhist art that was passed along

the Silk Road, and that is transformed in the contemporary context.

Introducing the Artists

Sunny Wu started his art photography career in Dunhuang, and actively promotes the culture of Dunhuang to the public.  He is deeply inspired by both the nimbus and the aureole of Buddha statues, using lights as a graver (a cutting tool) to emphasise the power dynamics of features as well as the brilliance of sunshine under natural backlights.

Shun-kit has done a great deal of research in Dunhuang, exploring the arts and culture.  In 2015, he helped curate an influential exhibition that showed the ancient charms of Dunhuang art and the modern vigour of contemporary art.  By using new colour spectrums and simple plane composition, he turns the traditional round-shaped Buddha into a contemporary iconography.  He says: “The Buddha is inside each one of us.  I choose to paint the Buddha to hear my inner voice.  The process of painting is also a process of self-conversation to find the inner peace within myself.”

Chau Shik-hung uses Western mediums to interpret the artistic treasures of Tibetan Buddhism.  By using different strokes and sculpting techniques, he transforms traditional thangkas into a new, vivid and expressive artform.  By entering into the Tibetan hinterland, he uses creative artistic methods to illustrate the beauty of Tibet as he sees it, and this inspires people to enter the sacred world with him.


Curator: Henry Tso

Art Consultant: Lai Mei-lin

Opening Reception: 26March 6PM

Presented by Hong Kong Doyen‘s Club & Artist Commune

English Translated by Selina Yang

English Edited by Kay Ross

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