Tuk Tuk Cinema Summer Workshop

Exhibition - Workshop

K.M Lo X Fringe Cinema
  • Mon 06-08-2018 2:00 PM - 3 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

$600, $540(M), Registration for free admission on the screening (8 Aug)

In Cantonese and English


Attracted over 7000 audiences and 900 participants to workshops organized across 10 countries, Tuk Tuk Cinema aims to connect with communities through cultural events and raise public awareness of low cost movies.

This 3-Day workshop introduces participants to skills such as prop making, and creating screenplay through shooting a short movie. We will be sharing our students, the precious memories and experience we had crafting a production from scratch with a limited budget.

As its vision, Tuk Tuk Cinema Summer Workshop aims to improve basic filming skills, to educate knowledge on Stop Motion Animation, and to provide hands-on experience of prop making with recycled materials.

Age Group: Secondary school students or above.
Enrollment : A maximum of 20 participants are welcomed in each class. Session will be cancelled if less than 8 enrollments.If you are interested in joining the workshop, please contact for more information.

Workshop outline: 

Day1: Teaching and Learning of basic skills

a. Introduction to Name card time lapse

b. Tutorial on 4 different filming solutions

c. Stop motion exercise

Day2: Learning the post-production process of film making: including splicing and audio effects

Day3: Showcasing of film produced and guest sharing (7:30pm)

The workshop focuses on learning cinema art in an entertaining manner, with recycled materials and simple equipment. Participants can bring your own camera or smartphone but it is not compulsory.


* Participants with financial difficulties and want to apply for subsidy, please also contact stephanie@hkfringeclub or call 2525 1310.

About K.M. Lo

K.M. Lo was born in Hong Kong in 1962. He is a filmmaker, experimental artist and trainer with 45 years experience. He is currently promoting projects of "Tuk Tuk Cinema". Making use of the simplicity and fluidity elements of a Tuk Tuk truck as platform and identity, he transforms the truck as a mobile film school by day and an open air cinema by night, working to offer a creative perspective on film-making to the world.

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