“Whose Responsibility” Conceptual Art Experimental Exhibition


Red Chan x Denfil Chong x Justin Chow x Jeff Leung x Donna Yuen
  • Tue 05-07-2016 to Mon 11-07-2016

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Many independent art spaces have opened recently in Hong Kong.  Presenting even a small-scale exhibition can involve many tasks and roles, yet there might be only a few people involved, so one person might have to handle many overlapping roles.  Does this matter, in terms of the quality and success of an exhibition?

The “Whose Responsibility” conceptual art experimental exhibition explores the process of putting on an art show.  Four people with different professions — a site contractor, an artist, a curator and a project director — will be allocated identical spaces in the gallery, and will create exhibits that reflect their professions.  

This art experience aims to explore the blurry line between the roles, the artworks, the venue and the exhibition. 

About the artists:

Red Chan is a Member of The Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals’ Association Limited (“PRPA”).  He worked as a business manager in an art direction and fashion styling company before founding his own workshop, One Dynasty Creative Limited, based in Hong Kong and Tokyo, in 2015.  He is a guest editor during Tokyo Fashion Week, and has his own columns on www.marieclaire.com.hk and menxpat.com.hk.

Denfil Chong is a site contractor for Proad House production company, responsible for the engineering side of producing exhibits.  His business works closely with various agencies and companies, including IKEA Hong Kong.

Justin Chow is a Hong Kong-based artist and a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University.  He won the AVA Award (HKBU) and the Hong Contemporary Art Award 2012 (Hong Kong Art Museum), and was a shortlisted artist in the Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2015.

Leung Chin Fung, Jeff, is currently an independent curator and part-time lecturer.  He previously worked on exhibition administration at various art institutions and commercial galleries, including the Hong Kong Arts Centre, as well as for overseas projects such as the Para Site Art Space pavilion at the Kwangju Biennale (Korea, 2002) and the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (Italy, 2003).  Jeff has curated various local exhibitions, including the inaugural show “Arte Hiking” (2010) at K11 Art Mall, and the touring exhibition “1+1: Four Regions Two Strait Artistic Exchange Project” (2011).  He is also a regular contributor to overseas art magazines, writing about local exhibitions.

Donna Yuen is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University.  She considers herself a storyteller — she collects stories about objects and creates different forms of narratives to look at the complex relationship between objects and people.  Donna’s practice emphasises a research process that brings the artist close to a wide range of people.  Through a research-based practice progressing to experimental interaction and integration, her works concern the community and people’s living situations.

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