Christmas is early at The Red Door Dining Lab @ The Fringe


The Red Door Dining Lab
  • (四) 10-12-2015 7:30 PM - 3 小时
  • (五) 11-12-2015 7:30 PM - 3 小时


Advance booking is required.


"I believe good food completes the enjoyment of the arts." 
Benny Chia, Founder of The Fringe Club
"The Red Door Dining Lab is about passionate chefs cooking from the heart, unconstrained."
Matthew Aylmer, Founder of The Red Door Dining Lab

Our next event introduces Ryan Foote - Artist & Chef


Thursday 10th December & Friday 11th December

Ryan has merged art and food into a wonderful 7-course menu that integrates all of your senses. Using hand-made glass and ceramic ‘capsules’ he creates a journey unlike any other. Using ingredients from Australia, France and Hong Kong with techniques learnt in fine arts and Japan.  Please visit our website to book now.  

All Fringe Club members receive 10% off the non-member food price.


About The Red Door Dining Lab

The Red Door Dining Lab is a dining club based here at the Fringe, where up-and-coming and established Chefs from Hong Kong and around the world are invited to take up residence to showcase their cooking to a group of people brought together by a love of food. Highly skilled Chefs cook the food that they are passionate about: they experiment, perfect their ideas, or just simply enjoy the opportunity to express themselves, unconstrained. As a diner, you may be encouraged to give feedback on the menu, to help the Chefs improve their dishes, or even help guide them in the opening of a new restaurant.  

For more info please go to, or like their Facebook page ,


The Red Door Dining Lab: It’s all about the Food.


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