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The Big BandExpress
  • (六) 17-12-2022 9:00 PM - 1 小时 45 分


HKD320 (non member), HKD290 (member)


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The Big BandExpress 由长号手 Oliver Cura 于 2016 年创立,是一个活跃的 12 至 20 人爵士乐团,由香港经验丰富的爵士/大乐队音乐家组成。乐队从 Oliver 的 The BandExpress 组合演变而来,在核心节奏部分和前线乐器中添加了更多小号、长号和萨克斯管。 没有什么能比得上大乐队的声音了,明亮、清脆的小号、温暖的长号和闪闪发光的萨克斯管都由钢琴、吉他、贝斯和鼓的驱动节奏部分结合在一起。乐队演奏摇摆和1930 年代的舞蹈是非常成功的,在融入拉丁美洲和摇滚风格的影响下逐渐摆脱摇摆乐时代。如今,大乐队的声音经常都会出现在电视和电影配乐中,并且仍然受到主流艺术家的欢迎。 Big BandExpress 延续了这一传统,演奏来自其庞大图书馆的各种音乐风格以及乐队自身技巧一流的音乐家的特殊编曲曲目。



• Admission: 30 minutes before showtime.
• Free seating. No more than twelve people can sit side-by-side.

• Proof of a negative rapid test within 24 hours before entering 


In the view of the COVID-19 pandemic, please observe the following precautionary measures:
• Please follow the latest Prevention and Control of Disease Regulations and related vaccine bubble requirements as specified by the Government.
• Audience members must have received 3rd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or 2nd dose if within 6 months from 2nd dose.
• Scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code before you enter the venue.
• Have your temperature checked at the designated entrance.
• Masks must be worn throughout the venue.

*Changes to existing arrangements may occur in light of new pandemic measures and government directives.  Please refer to government announcements for updates.

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