Photos and Stories of Wildcreatures in Hong Kong


Encompass HK
  • (三) 17-05-2023 7:30 PM - 1 小时


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For the last four years Robert Ferguson aka has been in the forests and jungles finding the most amazing animals in Hong Kong, and taking their photographs. Hiking, using hides, learning fieldcraft, and using specialist photo techniques including camera traps he has taken thousands of photos and discovered a lot about local animal behaviour. He is self- taught, and will explain his own personal journey of "look, find, discover, learn, love, protect".
In this talk, Robert shares his best photographs and the stories behind them and the animals that he managed to find and capture with this camera. This includes many wonderful mammals, fascinating snakes, reptiles and amphibians, and the extraordinary home-making, hunting and eating habits of bugs, with a focus on some of the varied and wonderful spiders.
There will also be a good amount of time for Q&A, so please bring your questions.

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