Classic Rock / Pop

Rock Up the Night - 5 Dollar Tux X Pro Music

拉阔 - Classic Rock / Pop

  • (五) 06-12-2013 9:30 PM - 2 小时


$130; 包一杯饮料


Fringe Box Office




For 5 Dollar Tux (五元兔):  Hong Kong band featuring a fusion of classic rock, psychedelicies and classical elements in their music. Happily plays gigs around the city and beyond.  The Band wanted to fuse classical elements in pop and rock which are usually seen as at the far end of the spectrum when compared to classical music. That's how "5 Dollar Tux" - essentially "cheap tux" – come about, fusing classical music with grass root rock and roll.

Supporting Act: Pro Music

由一班对音乐有热诚的音乐人组成, 主力演奏爵士音乐及流行音乐, 乐手们有多年丰富的表演经验, 希望用音乐感染身边所有喜爱音乐之人, 带给你一个耳目一新及难忘的晚上"

*Door Open At 9:30pm, Show from 10pm.

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