【藝穗五月·Fringe May】

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【藝穗五月·Fringe May】

【藝穗五月·Fringe May】
May marks the end of Spring and is the fountain of artistic inspirations. In upcoming May, we have prepared almost sixty artistic activities for all of you. From the classic “Big Band Night” to French Chanson and all the other live music performances varied from Jazz to Rock and A Cappella to Electronics, the “Fringe May” will bring you a whole new musical experience. Meanwhile, the Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery will hold several exhibitions which includes “Departure: A Love Letter to the Future”, a show that pays tributes to Hong Kong and its future. Not to mention the upcoming exhibitions of pottery and illustration, as well as the script reading session and jazz talk that will add more excitement to the “Fringe May”. Come and join our May celebration of art!
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