"FACES" - Photo Exhibition by Billy Ho


  • Tue 09-05-2017 to Mon 29-05-2017

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions Closed on Sunday.


Billy Ho has been a press photographer for 27 years.  A witness to the transition from film cameras to digital, he gave up using film more than a decade ago.

But a few clicks on a mechanical camera in 2012 electrified him, and reminded him about the beauty of simplicity: shutter and aperture are all he needs for a camera.

The speed with which a mechanical shutter captures people’s expressions prompted him to shoot with film again, with his own long-forgotten Leica M6.  In the following two years, he took pictures in the streets, faithfully recording the faces of many a pedestrian on black-and-white negatives.

  • Opening at 6:30pm 9.5.2017
  • Speech at 7:30pm by Wong Kan Tai, Vincent Yu, Simon Go & Billy Ho

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