“Man commands himself” exhibition of Liu Chi Hang


  • Thu 10-08-2017 to Thu 24-08-2017

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


The arts enrich our life, provide entertainment and challenge. Liu Chi Hang, Bobby graduated in France. His works are inspired by the construction of traditional Chinese characters and the colour of western modern art. They are balanced and unique.

This exhibition includes his recent oil paintings. Art gives him curiosity and ability of appreciation. During his creative process, he explores subjective feelings, and exhibit his freedom, which is not limited by authority or controlled by chance. It is an expression that is both honest and rigorous.

“Man commands himself” means that we listen to our will, and accept responsibility for the results. This exhibition emphasises the courage of aesthetic judgement. Every artwork should be a creation but not a forgery. 

website: http://bobbyliuch.wix.com/artwork

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