Weekend Palate Tour


Frei Wing Coffee Lab
  • Sat 23-12-2017 1:00 PM - 4 h
  • Sat 30-12-2017 1:00 PM - 4 h

Fringe Vault

$280 / $240 Early bird*


Who said drinking should be after sunset? In fact our palate is more sensitive during day time and we’re more attuned to flavour and aroma, especially when we are more relax in Saturday afternoon. Choice of 6 whiskeys, 10ml each, allows their unique flavours set you off sensation journey from Scotland, across Taiwan to Japan. Wrap the tour with a cup of mindful hand drip coffee. Hovering between tipsy and sober, let you mind and body take charge for the wonderful weekend.

23 & 30 Dec. (Sat.) 1pm-5pm

$280 / $240 Early bird* (before 20/27 Dec)
incl. hand drip coffee X1, whiskey (10ml) X6 

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