Cat Fringe Art


HK Fringe Club x Something about Cats
  • Fri 02-02-2018 to Sat 24-02-2018

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


Something about Cats will be co-hosting with the HK Fringe Club a 3-weeks event named “Cat Fringe Art” in February 2018.  This event hopes to bring out the beauty, the trait, the thoughts of cats through the perspectives of different artists, and thereby telling us how cats won our hearts.

“Cat Fringe Art” will come be in 3 parts.

The first part will be a cat photography exhibition by renowned photographer Mr Wu Yi-Ping from Taiwan, to be held from February 2-15, 2018 at the Anita Chan Gallery of the Fringe Club.  The exhibition will be looking back at his twenty years of work on cat photography.  Mr Wu’s work is favorited by many and he has numerous fans and followers.  We believe many cat-lovers and those who are keen in photography will welcome this exhibition.  During the exhibition, there will be a seminar on Cat Photography to be hosted by Mr Wu and three other famous local cat photographers.   


The second part will be the “Cats in Art” exhibition held after the Chinese New Year on February 20-24, 2018 at the Anita Chan Gallery.  This will be a joint exhibition by different artists on the theme of cats.  The purpose is to give audience a chance to see the many styles of cats in different visual art forms (including photography, wood-carve, sketching, multi-media painting, illustration, Chinese style painting, pottery and wool) and to learn what each artist has to say about cats and their care for the homeless ones.


The third part will be a cat-themed market with loads of cat-themed art products for the cat lovers to choose and purchase.


We are still discussing with a few artists about their availability to join our event.  Details to follow.

This is a not a commercial event.  Although we have a small handcraft market, we are only targeting to cover part of our costs.  All artists are joining by invitation only.  We hope that the varied art forms by all the artists can provide a message in unison on how much we care about cats, and hopefully to draw cats and human a bit more closer together.


Cat Fringe Art

Date:  February 1-24, 2018 (excluding Sundays and holidays)

Venue: The Anita Chan Gallery & The Fringe Underground 

Hosted by: The HK Fringe Club and Something about Cats


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