Hong Kong Stories Presents: Age of Reckoning

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Hong Kong Stories
  • Thu 24-05-2018 8:00 PM - 2 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

HKD 120 HKD 96 (M)

In English


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Welcome to Hong Kong Stories –The Age of Reckoning 

Some of us never grow up, whilst others are born old. Youth may spring eternal but growing old can be a pain in the butt. One things for certain, with every year we grow older and wiser...or do we? 'The Age of Reckoning' - a hazardous journey through the rites of passage.

Hong Kong Stories is a not-for-profit society dedicated to the art of storytelling. Our live monthly shows are a collection of true stories told before a live audience. Every show is a journey and it's always a hilarious, heart warming human experience. 

It’s better than comedy. It’s better then drama. It's real life.


*節目時間長度:2小時 (中場休息10分鐘)

Presented by Jannita
Performers Hong Kong Stories Host + 8 storytellers and photographer and show producer


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