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Let it , forget it ! music live

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Atomic Bubbles X Band Band
  • Sun 30-09-2018 3:00 PM - 3 h

Fringe Dairy

HK$180 (incl. ONE standard drink)


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Let it , forget it ! music live

Atomic Bubbles

新移民民仔,一個人在香港,中秋節要自己渡過,幸好有一係指壓做雜工同鄉,話帶佢睇ATOMIC BUBBLES癲返晚,更話當晚有好多成熟香港女人載歌載舞,民仔聞後,滿心期待,盼望搵到個香港女人共渡佳節吹奏樂器。

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Band Band

Hello friends.

Our group is made up of 1 girl & 4 boys, with members' ages total more than 100 years. Our music is widely known for its speed (快Kuai), neatness (靚Liang), goodness (正Zheng), truthfulness (真Zhen), compassion (善Shan) and beauty (美Mei).
Two of our members are pisces, we intend not to have perfomances too frequently. What's more, we have members who are consistently under the effect of the Jupiter Maha Dasha, we avoid organzing any fanclub, love feast, and the likes.
We are grateful for your kind tolerance, please don't miss the chance to catch us on stage.
Thank you very much!
with love, band band.

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** 天才表演嘉賓 Talent Solo Guest

探長 / Nerve /Gigi angel tomato/假日貞操/Isaac Wong

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