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Listen Up Live 2018 (Japan)

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AIM Entertainment Company Ltd
  • Wed 14-11-2018 8:00 PM - 2 h

Fringe Dairy



From the top of Japan and New York music scene, Guitarist DURAN and producers cum instrumentalists PHEKOO and SPACE collaborated for the very first time in this exciting live gig in Fringe Club Hong Kong on 14 November 2018, wishing to breakthrough the presumptions of music genre and bring creative compositions to the Hong Kong audience!

The virtuoso guitarist DURAN and the renowned producer / instrumentalist PHEKOO are both band members of RED DIAMOND DOGS, a band initiated by vocalist Atsushi of the Japanese well-known music group EXILE. Based in New York, SPACE instead worked with numerous famous artists and musicians including the Grammy nominated female hip-hop rapper Rapsody.

The trio will fuse the different music genre like electronica, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and of course j-pop into a whole new level of compositions in the Listen Up Love 2018. The trio invited Nana Hatori, the Japanese-American singer-songwriter, who worked with L’Arc~en~Ciel, Mika Nakashima, VAMPS, ever-glee, The Gospellers and etc; and the Hong Kong electronic duo, The Cassette, who collaborated with Paul Wong, Deep Ng, Candy Lo and Kolor previously and issued their debut EP album recently to join and play music together on that wonderful night. Get your ticket and be surprised!

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