A Fringe Cat Journey Pepe Shimada Painting Exhibition 2018


Something about Cats
  • Mon 05-11-2018 to Fri 30-11-2018

Fringe Vault

Free Admission


Pepe Shimada from Fukuoka, Japan has held earlier exhibitions at the Fringe Club for those who love cat and art.  This year, he brings his cats to the Fringe again and will spend a happy afternoon with his fans in art and in music.
From 2 to 30 November, Pepe-san’s cats are travelling together on a bus and along the way, they meet a cat on a scooter, beer-drinking cats, cats going photo-shooting, and a cat playing the ocarina under a waterfall.  All these cats come from scenes that Pepe-san has been during his travels.  He then asks his cats to perform these interesting scenes again on his canvas.  Because he loved to create in the beauty of natural environment, his paintings can help you relax and enjoy a journey of your heart prepared for you by lovely cats.  
On Saturday afternoon, November 10, Pepe-san invites to meet with him for an afternoon of fun, art and music.  
Pepe Shimada is a celebrated painter, poet, musician, cat lover and traveler.  His works have been shown in many successful exhibitions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.  His work was also invited to participate in an international exhibition held in the USA.  He is much welcomed by cat lovers and art lovers.  Apart from paintings, Pepe-san also has 4 published books and 2 CDs in which all the songs were written and performed by him.
A Fringe Cat Journey – Painting Exhibition
Date : November 2 – 30, 2018 (closed on Sundays)
Time : 1100 – 1930 
Venue : Fringe Vault, HK Fringe Club
An afternoon with Pepe-san
Date : Saturday, November 10, 2018
Time : 1500 - 1600 
Venue : Fringe Vault, (Free Admission)

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