Asako Kasahara's solo art exhibition


  • Thu 13-12-2018 to Thu 27-12-2018

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


Hello. My name is Asako Kasahara and I am a textile artist and sewing instructor. I used to work as a personal stylist and personal clothes designer (TV shows) for Japanese celebrities while I was working as a woman’s clothing designer for a Japanese apparel
company. Then, I changed my career to work for Japanese TV talent agency to style and design TV talents’ clothing. After many years of working for celebrities, TV talents and also work as a stylist for fashion shooting, I became an independent textile artist. Since
then, I have been passionately working as a tie (necktie) artist. My work has been broadcasted on TV, radio and published in newspapers and magazines. Some photos of my works have been used on the front cover and the inside cover of magazines.
I moved to Hong Kong in 2015 due to my husband’s job relocation. I immediately fell in love with Hong Kong and Hong Kong has inspired my creativity. I started to make Hong Kong themed bags and wall art. My most popular items are Hong Kong night view / skyline with iconic Red Taxi bag. Please refer to the attached photos for your reference.

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