Mindcraft Workshop:
Macrobiotic Umeboshi (Pickled Japanese Plums), Ume Juice and Ume Sake

School of Everyday Life
  • Fri 12-07-2019 7:00 PM - 3 h

Nove at the Fringe

HKD 900/ 810(M) (including $400 Food cost)

Workshop will be held in both Cantonese and English




In this class about the macrobiotic lifestyle, the skill of mindfulness will be introduced. 

Macrobiotic umeboshi (pickled Japanese plums) help improve our appetite and digestive system.  It’s simple to make homemade umeboshi, and they have none of the chemical additives usually found in commercial products.  It takes three months for umeboshi to be ready for use in sushi, dips, sauces and salad dressings, and for seasoning vegetables.

Ume juice is made of vegetable root sweet (a natural sweetener) and ume (plums).  It is natural and non-alcoholic. 

Ume sake is made of ume, handmade rock sugar and Japanese 25% shouchu.  The fermentation process takes 6-12 months. The longer it takes (3-5 years), the tastier the sake will be.  No commercial sweeteners are used, so the taste remains natural and pure. 



1.         To learn how to use macrobiotic umeboshi in our daily life to improve our health, focusing on our appetite and digestive system

2.         To learn to create a natural sweetener

3.         To experience the joy of mindfulness



1.         The technique of mindfulness

2.         Introduction to the knowledge and skills of a macrobiotic lifestyle

3.         How to make once-a-year ume (pickled Japanese plums), ume juice and ume sake


Please bring along with you one ziplock plastic bag and three food jars:

For Umeboshi - 300g (0.5-1-litre food jar)

For Ume Juice - 300g (0.5-1-litre food jar)

For Ume Sake - 500ml (1-1.5-litre food jar)



Ho Wing-yee (Mrs Kishimoto) is a macrobiotic cookery instructor and is passionate about food education.  She worked in airline catering and the organic foods industry (social enterprise) for nine years, focusing on business development.  She has been studying and practising macrobiotic cooking since 2008, gained her Macrobiotic Cookery Teacher Licence in Japan in 2017, and is continuing her studies in the UK.  She hopes to share macrobiotic self-healing through natural foods and a healthy lifestyle.  She believes the simplicity of macrobiotic cooking can open up our five senses so that we understand the relationship between ourselves and the world.


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