Silent Dialogue - Ping-Shun Chan, Aries Wu & Tung Yiu Three Men Exhibition


Ping-Shun Chan, Aries Wu & Tung Yiu
  • Mon 27-07-2020 to Sat 15-08-2020

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


In Silent Dialogue, three painters, Ping-Shun Chan, Aries Wu and Tung Yiu, seek to convey their emotional conversations with their environment through traditional realist painting techniques. 
Their subject matter consists of the objects and scenes of daily life that we habitually interact with, and just as habitually abandon to oblivion.  Through the paintbrush, the when and where of these prosaic moments are fused in silent union. 
Silent, but not mute.
As the Dutch painter Henk Helmantel said, “If you feel with your eyes and heart, you will know more.”

The Artists

Ping-Shun Chan

Ping-Shun Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong.  Prior to 2009, his art training consisted primarily of art classes at Columbia University in New York and Ohio State University, and visits to various art museums in Europe.  In 2009, Chan decided to undertake a more thorough and traditional training in visual art, and he enrolled at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada.  In 2011, he returned to Hong Kong.

Aries Wu

Aries Wu received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  His works have been shown at the Sun Museum Hong Kong, the National Art Museum of China, Art Taipei 2014, etc.  In his view, painting is the process of recording life and time, which link him closely with what is around him.  He enjoys observing trivial things silently, finding traces of life in ordinary daily life.  He perceives that after things and space suffer through time, they leave behind their own specific stories.  “Beauty lies precisely in the relationship between humans and objects,” he says.

Tung Yiu

Tung Yiu, a fine art painter, was born in mainland China in 1982 and moved to Hong Kong when he was young.  He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from RMIT University in 2008.  His style is naturalistic and delicate, and his paintings focus on the details of architecture and natural scenes.
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