Is it a good time to start collecting Hong Kong Art?


Bobby Liu, Peggy Chan, Tung Yiu, Chak Chung-ho, Raymond Pang, Tsang Chui-mei, Wong Shun-kit
  • Tue 18-08-2020 to Sat 19-09-2020

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

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Let me tell you why this is a good time to start collecting artworks by Hong Kong artists.
First, we’re going through a time that’s both unique and momentous in the history of our city.  And art is not only a testament to those changes, it’s also something that can light up our world.  The second reason is more mundane: it’s still within reach to start collecting them now, just as it was with contemporary Chinese art 35 years ago.
I’d like to share two stories on this topic that might tickle your fancy.  One is garnered from my own experience; the other is from someone who called herself an “art addict”.
One time while visiting Melbourne, I was taken to the preview of a Sotheby’s auction for the estate of the famous restaurateur Gloria Staley, best remembered for introducing the art of French fine dining to Melbourne.  She had owned many beautiful objects and furniture pieces during her lifetime, and after she passed on they were put up for auction.  They filled the space of the large display hall.  I made a bid for an Art Nouveau lamp.  One thing I’d realized was that the total proceeds from the auction sales would still come up short against the value of a single Charles Blackman painting she’d owned.  When Ms Staley bought that Blackman, she couldn’t have paid very much for it, because he wasn’t as well-known as he is now.  But these days a painting of his can be worth quite a lot.  What’s more, it would be so portable that you could easily just grab it and go.
The second story took place in France at the beginning of WWII.  At that time, the art addict had to make a run from the advancing Nazi army, and so did her artist friends.  Many of them were strapped for cash and keen to offload their large, heavy art pieces – as if in a fire sale – before hitting the road, so she took the opportunity to snap them up.  Later, she admitted that she couldn’t afford to buy them at “today’s prices” (in the 1970s).  Her art collection is now on show in a museum named after her in Venice.  Her name was Peggy Guggenheim.

You’ll get tons of pleasure from looking at a painting that you like and own.  That much I can tell you.  As Hemingway would have told you that, when you’re young and poor, don’t buy clothes, buy paintings.  And for the rest of your life, they’ll follow you, for they are a moveable asset.

Benny Chia
Founder & Director of The Fringe Club
Exhibition Venue 1: Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery
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