“A mass of ants kills an elephant” – an exhibition of calligraphy and contemporary Chinese seals


Kong Hoi-kan, Chui Tze-hung, Fish King, Fung Tak-man, Choi Hung, Yung Chee-mun, Joey Leung, Shum Kwan-yi, Qian Yinxiao, Ten Day Ten, Chau Kwan-long, Ho Wai-lam
  • Thu 06-01-2022 to Tue 18-01-2022

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


There’s a proverb in Cantonese: “A mass of ants can kill an elephant.”  It means that when you gather tiny forces together, they can be surprisingly powerful.  
Chinese seal art is the least-acknowledged medium in Chinese art, compared to literature, calligraphy and painting.  So stamping seals of ants onto calligraphy of elephants challenges this traditional perspective.
In this exhibition, ten calligraphy artists explore composition in a series of works that combine ink brush painting and Chinese seals.
The project is supported by the Jockey Club Creative Art Centre’s Professor Mayching Kao Arts Development Fund.  
Participating Artists
Chui Tze-hung / Fish King / Fung Tak-man / Choi Hung / Yung Chee-mun / Joey Leung / Shum Kwan-yi / Qian Yinxiao / Ten Day Ten / Chau Kwan-long / Ho Wai-lam
About the Artist / Curator
Kong Hoi-kan, Thomas, received his BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University and his MA in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Previously an arts administrator, he now works full-time as a Chinese seal artist.  Taking Han culture as a blueprint and exploring present-day human values, he offers an exciting notion of contemporary seal art.  Thomas’s works have been collected by corporate and individual collectors.  He has been supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and other social organisations to host exhibitions, and he hosts workshops, talks and art demonstrations. 
Facebook / Instagram: saleforhonor
Exhibition Opening
06-01-2022 (Thu) 18:00 - 20:00
6222 3224 (Whatsapp) / thokhk@gmail.com (Email) 
Ms C Ting Chan (ctingchan@hkfringeclub.com)
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