The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Theatre - Drama

Performance Exchange (UK)
  • Wed 03-10-2012 7:30 PM - 1 h
  • Thu 04-10-2012 7:30 PM - 1 h
  • Fri 05-10-2012 7:30 PM - 1 h
  • Sat 06-10-2012 7:30 PM - 1 h

Fringe Dairy

3-4 OCT: $150; 5-6 OCT: $180; $150 (M); $120 (S,SC,D)

In English


Long thought dead after his titanic struggle with the evil Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes slips back into London in disguise to combat the evil henchmen of the dreaded Moriarty.  Reunited with his great friend and compatriot Dr. Watson, Holmes sets in motion a daring plan to foil the criminals.  Risking his own life to ensnare the culprits, Holmes proves yet again that he is the finest detective in the world.  This engrossing tale, an interactive event, is superb drama, beguiling theatre and tremendous fun.

Nigel Miles-Thomas (Sherlock Holmes) has produced, directed and acted in well over 100 stage productions, and has been associated with some of London’s top theatre companies.  Daniel Foley (Dr. Watson) has performed in 70 countries, and has been involved with Performance Exchange as director for 30 years.

 Performance Exchange has presented thought-provoking and exciting theatre in 36 countries around the globe.

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