A cappell

The Glue: “Gluebâlisation” (Switzerland)

LiveMusic - A cappell

  • Mon 08-10-2012 7:30 PM - 2 h
  • Tue 09-10-2012 7:30 PM - 2 h

Fringe Dairy

$150 (in advance); $180 (on the day); includes one special drink



For 14 years now, the Swiss a-cappella group The Glue performs its astonishing mix of highly professional musicality, wild humor and irresistible stage presence.These five good-looking guys from Basel, Switzerland, already played more than 600 concerts in the US, Canada, South Africa and all over Europe. But don’t expect them to be a classical boys a-cappella group! Calling themselves a “Band without Instruments”, they imitate the sounds of instruments so convincingly that you'll find it hard to believe they're using only their voices. 

The group's goal is to spread its original songs all over the world, taking the music back to the places it originally came from. From country music to Latin Salsa, Eastern European Gipsy tunes and African tribal sounds, there's no style they won't try.



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