Ring-a-Ring-o’ Rosie

Exhibition - Drama

Theatre Group GUMBO + Hatch Theatrics
  • Fri 21-02-2014 8:00 PM - 1 h 20 m
  • Sat 22-02-2014 7:00 PM - 1 h 20 m

Fringe Underground

$150; $120 (M,S,SC,D)

In English




The Peaceful Hospital is a small hospital with the best doctors and nurses.  But they’re actually vampires who are devoted to healing humans.  Why?  Because nowadays, human blood tastes horrible due to stress and disease.  There’s also Gobriel, a salesman from a pharmaceutical company.  He’s actually a lower-ranked angel, and in order to return to Heaven he is required to help humans, so he collaborates with the vampires.  One day, two patients are secretly brought to the hospital.  This prompts a plan for realising the vampires’ long-held dream.  “Ring-a Ring-o’ Rosie” asks some provocative questions: “What is the value of a human life?” and “What is happiness?”  Featuring live music and songs, from classical to R&B.

This collaborative project began when Hatch Theatrics (from Singapore) experienced a live performance by GUMBO (from Osaka) in Singapore in July 2012.  The production was developed over a year of international cooperation between Japan, Singapore and Australia.   The show debuted in Osaka in September 2013.

JP –Forest of Truth

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