Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Post Punk, Psychedelic rock

SR Presents: Rock Up The Night

LiveMusic - Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Post Punk, Psychedelic rock

Safety Rabbit
  • Sat 15-02-2014 9:00 PM - 2 h

Fringe Dairy

$130 (in advance, Fringe members); $150 (on the day); includes 1 standard drink


Fringe Box Office


Safety Rabbit presents three bands that have been off the radar for a while, but that are now back, refreshed and... different...



The name “Twisterella” comes from the song of the same name by RIDE, a Shoegaze band from England in the 1980s.  After several changes in its lineup, Twisterella returned in 2013, adding a layer of “sugar-coated poison” to its music.  Twisterella may not have quite the same fierce energy as RIDE, but it still brings an element of hard-core rock to its gentle dream-pop and post-punk music.

Karen Chan (vocals, keyboard), Sammer Wong (vocals, bass), Jeff Fung (guitar), Joe Ngan (drums)



LOVEFACE is a local alternative rock trio, heavily influenced by alternative rock and experimental music.  Its songs explore the painful truth of the human experience: fear, melancholy, a sense of inferiority…  OK, so the band might have only three members, but its sound is surprisingly rich and direct.


Homeless Alien

Since Homeless Alien launched its first album in 2011, the band’s members have strived to develop a deeper understanding of society and life, and to reflect that in their music.  Through their English Psychedelic rock music, they aim to convey their thoughts and feelings about the dark side of life and the heartless coldness of the world.

Guy (vocals, bass), Yang Bo (guitar), Wah (guitar), Dan (drums)


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