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Turing Apples EP Launch – “Degrading Gracefully”

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Turing Apples
  • Fri 28-03-2014 9:00 PM - 3 h 30 m

Fringe Dairy



Fringe Box Office


Turing Apples is five ne’er-do-well musicians who all grew up in Hong Kong and who share a passion for cheap drinks, pseudo-science and sweet, sweet noise.  Unwilling to adopt just one fixed sound, the five members of Turing Apples don’t necessarily agree on everything but are willing to try anything.  The band’s music is described as “indie rock” or “dirty pop”, but the band likes to think of it as “nerd rock” - music that Alan Turing would almost certainly have approved of.  The band has played together for just over a year and will release an EP in March 2014.

Niki Parrington (vocals), Ali Reid (lead guitar), Hans Schlaikier (rhythm guitar), Rafe D’Aquino (bass), Latif Dilworth (drums)

This is a charity event in aid of the LDN Trust: http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/


House Open at 8:30pm.

Guest Bands

Shatalene: Natalie Belbin (bass), Shaun Martin (drums)

Kestrels and Kites: Luke Chow (guitar), Tiffany Jade (bass), Frederik Lindell (drums)

Dark Himaya: Ivy Fernie (vocals/guitar), Aileen Alonzo (vocals/keyboards), Alejandro Dini (bass), Tatsuya Yamaguchi (drums)

DJ: Paul Kay

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Photos courtesy Music Surveillance for show photos.

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