Alternative Rock

Just So You'll Love Me

LiveMusic - Alternative Rock

  • Sun 11-11-2012 4:00 PM - 2 h

Taipei Zhongshan Hall Guangfu Auditorium

$150; includes one special drink


Toonyun, a singer-songwriter/bass player from Hong Kong, moved to LA in 1999 to purse a music career. She has worked with Juliette Lewis, Margo Rey, Stickfigure, Sting, GEM, Tomomi Kahala, Jordan Chan, Amanda Lee and many other artists.

Now, she's returning to the city of her birth to present this multi-media performance featuring an art installation, visual arts, lighting and live music. The show features her talented friends Carmen Cheng, Man Yan Yan and Onefai Mak, plus some special guests.

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