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The Hong Kong Philosophy Cafe
  • Tue 13-05-2014 7:30 PM - 2 h

Colette Artbar

Free Admission


The Fringe Branch of the Hong Kong Philosophy Cafe was established in October of 2000 with the goal of holding regularly scheduled discussions (in English) on serious, mainstream philosophical topics. Meetings begin with a designated participant introducing a particular approach to dealing with the announced topic. After others have a chance to ask questions and/or give feedback to the introducer, a substantial block of time is devoted to small group discussions, with participants being encouraged to migrate between groups at will. Ideas raised during small group discussions are then shared in a concluding plenary session. 

Topic: "Are rationality and logic our best means of seeking the truth?"

Introduced by: David Young

Moderated by: Steve Palmquist

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest a topic and/or to introduce a future meeting. 

For up-to-date information on this and other HKPC branches, or to discuss this meeting's topic online, after it occurs, visit the HKPC's Facebook page at:  

Organizer: Steve Palmquist or 34117289
Adviser: Paul Stables

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