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Moshi Originals Hong Kong 2012

LiveMusic - Rock / Pop Rock

La Petite Nurse (Taiwan) & KillerSoap
  • Fri 14-09-2012 10:00 PM - 4 h

Fringe Dairy

$100 (in advance), $120 (one the day); includes one special drink


La Petite Nurse (a.k.a. LPN) - rock music like you’ve never heard before, from this award-winning Taiwanese fusion rock band, born in 2002.  They’re releasing their third album this year.

KillerSoap - an independent rock band from Hong Kong, formed in 2004 and influenced by J-Rock and J-Pop.  The band’s name reflects the members’ cultural backgrounds, blending the local Hong Kong Chinese culture and the British colonial culture.  In Cantonese, the name sounds like “the ultimate lethal weapon”.

Rocky Chan (lead vocals), Man Man Lau and Kevin Au (electric guitar), Issac Ming (bass guitar), Gould Wu (drums)

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