It’s blue there


CHAN Pui Leng, Peggy
  • Sat 02-08-2014 to Thu 14-08-2014

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Time flies, things changes. And there she is roasting the changes into pieces of blue memories, with each moment passed by.

The artist Peggy Chan grew up in Hong Kong and Macau, two cities with different aura, but also experiencing rapid changes. These changes create a chaotic tension among people and the city, between the past and presence. With cyanotype, Chan collects the beauties and discoveries of the city, and brings them all into her realm of fantasy -- a world embracing all valuable memories.

Cyanotype is an ancient photographic printing process using long term exposure under the sun. Chan adopts this old technique as her unique language to record the presence. She captures the sunlight, tops with time, and bakes fragmented sceneries of the city. Among them are traditional architectures, old alleys, pure glimpses and more important, the wild little flowers and grasses growing from the crevices. No matter how much changes are going around, they are always there, using their own existence to remind us that mother nature has never left us. Their presence is like an illusion, bringing fresh drops of simpleness back to this over-developed land.

And when all these memories are dyed with tranquil blue, perhaps we can find silent in our eyes, and see the beauty of the other side.

The exhibition will be divided into two parts at Fringe Club and Kubrick (Yau Ma Tei) respectively, with the exhibiting works responding the very unique aura of these two locations. As a historical building witnessing the century, the exhibition at Fringe Club will be filled with impressions of old cities; while for Kubrick, being itself an oasis in the city, the works showcased will bring a breath of nature.


CHAN Pui Leng, Peggy

Peggy CHAN received her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Currently lives in Hong Kong, with studio at the Cattle Depot Artist Village. Her works vary across painting, photography, video and installation. CHAN’s creation is mainly inspired by daily life experiences and imaginations, exploring the triangular relationship between the individual, the city and the nature. Previously exhibited in Hong Kong, Macau, Paris and Beijing. Solo exhibitions include “Far Around” at Fringe Club, Hong Kong (2011) and “Blueprint” at Galerie Bievre, Paris (2013). Her works are collected by private collectors. In 2008, CHAN founded the art group “Art Together”, as to promote community art and arts education.


Supported by : Hong kong Arts development Council

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