The Remarkable People Naked Dialogue – KJ after Ten Years

KJ x Benny Chia
  • Sat 23-07-2016 2:30 PM - 3 h

Fringe Dairy


2:30-4:00pm  Screening of ‘KJ: Music and Life’ @Fringe Upstairs Theatre   

4:00-5:30pm  Naked Dialogue @Fringe Dairy 

*Dialogue mainly in Cantonese | Free admission


At age 7, KJ questioned the meaning of existence.

At age 11, he performed Beethoven piano concerto in Czech.

At age 17, a movie was made about him.

Now 10 years later, what has become of him? Washed out, disillusioned? Or remarkable as ever?


Find out in


First Ever

Naked Dialogue

KJ x Benny Chia


Limited seats, first-come-first-served


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Dinner with KJ @ Fringe Club

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Result will be announced during the Dialogue on 23 July. 


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