Flowers & Beyonds - Faye Chan Ho-Fei Solo Art Exhibition


Faye, Chan Ho-Fei
  • Fri 29-07-2016 to Wed 03-08-2016

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


This is a dazzling world!


A human heart burst out into a bright red blaze.  Ferns spread out with indigo leaves.  The crescent inside a dream house curved with lemon yellow.  The seabed of Palau, the island nation, swayed with gorgeous colours.  England showed its lugubriousness with melancholy blue…


Look to one side — there is a door.  You can walk into an artist’s heart and hear her heartbeat.  It tells you how the cycle of life was demonstrated by the colourful Tibetan prayer flags that linked up with love and hate as well as life and death.  It leans in real close and whispers: “I tried my best to swim forward in the mysterious sea of dreams full of Nymphoides, and walked confusingly on the path between inevitable life and death.

Fortunately, the long night in bitter silence lit up candles in the heart.”


Walking on the colourful path and listening to the words in the heart, you can flip through Faye’s wordless diary.

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