Forgotten Color by Standsfield To


Standsfield To
  • Fri 02-09-2016 to Mon 19-09-2016

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Forgotten Color is a series by Hong Kong photographer Standsfield To, featuring eighteen snapshots document Standsfield’s day-to-day routine in Hong Kong. From the neon signs of the traditional red light district on Portland Street, the corporate flower boards that pay tribute in the Chinese style celebrate, and to the various old trinkets that playfully conceal the portrait of president Xi Jinping, the color red has occupied the images.
Compared to classic black and white street photography, Standsfield consciously let loose of scrutinized composition and focused on the intimate perspective of his neighborhood. As red serves as the “forgotten color” that connects a seemingly fragmented narrative of an ordinary Hong Konger’s life, one question could perhaps be, is it geographic restriction that makes Standsfield see red, or a matter of personal desire?
Although Standsfield features his photos in red, he does not necessarily have a specific cultural or political agenda; rather, he simply sees red as an integrating element on the streets he walks daily on as a urban professional, husband, and father in Hong Kong. The red in Forgotten Color is evermore open-ended. Whether appearing on the gown of a Chinese bride or on a pile of dead fish in a market, red is hardly a chosen subject matter for Standsfield. Red is simply just all around him"

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