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Fringe Club
  • Fri 14-10-2016 10:00 PM - 0 h

Fringe Club

Colette's Art Bar & Fringe Vault, Free admission


  • Christopher Doyle

An internationally celebrated cinematographer and film director.  His feature films, “Ashes of Time” and “In the Mood for Love”, have won awards at several prestigious film festivals, including the Venice International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.


  • John Choy

Born in Hong Kong in 1966, Currently a freelance photographer.

He worked as a photographer for a series of local newspapers and magazines, as well as Information Services Department from 1989 to 2001.


  • Raymond Pang (a.k.a. Wave Idea) 

Raymond Pang (a.k.a. Wave Idea) was born in a Hong Kong fisherman’s family and spent most of his adolescence at sea. He was originally trained as a graphic designer and sculptor. Critically acclaimed for his spontaneous and instinctive style, Pang engages with concepts of organic forms. Depicting whales, ripples and waves and using humble materials such as stone, wood and copper wire, Pang’s artwork demonstrates a soft and sensual touch. His ongoing search for serenity of soul is a process that caused by insomnia which drove him to repetitive drawings of abstract scenarios that reflect his unsettled state of mind.

  • Liu Chi-hang

Graduated in France and returned to Hong Kong in 2015.  

His works are inspired by the construction of traditional Chinese characters and the colours of Western modern art. 


Colette's Art Bar

It's named after Colette Koo (1960 - 2010). She was a Fringe legend: stage and TV actress, party planner and restauranteur. She made her debut at the Fringe in 1991. She went on to land a lead role in a national TV series called Backup in London. She loved to party and designed some really outrageous ones for us. She appears in many frames of the Fringe story, every one of it beautiful and special.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday  12:00 -22:00  (15:00 - 18:00 closed)

Friday  12:00 - 00:30  (15:00 - 18:00 closed)

Saturday  11:00 - 00:30

Sunday closed


Fringe Vault

The Fringe Vault is the new space for book launch, pop-up craft stores, exhibition, poetry or play reading. It seats up to forty people. In the old days, it served as an ice vault where blocks of ice, dairy products and cold meats were unloaded and kept in store. It enjoys having its own separate entrance from Wyndham Street and can also be accessed from Lower Albert Road.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 20:30

Sunday closed


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