What's On : Exhibition

“Between Art and Other Worlds” – by Hanison Lau

  • Tue 22-08-2017 to Fri 01-09-2017

Free Admission

This Summer, the Fringe Club will present the “Ingredients of TIME”. Events include "Between art and other worlds" exhibition, "Midnight Stories…", "My Normal & Paranormal Sightings In & Around the Fringe" artist sharing and a series of “Naked Dialogue”.

“Man commands himself” exhibition of Liu Chi Hang

  • Thu 10-08-2017 to Thu 24-08-2017

Free Admissions

The arts enrich our life, provide entertainment and challenge. Liu Chi Hang, Bobby graduated in France. His works are inspired by the construction of traditional Chinese characters and the colour of western modern art. They are balanced and unique.ue.

日 日 和 器 HibiWaki Exhibition HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Project

HIBIWAKI x HK Fringe Club

  • Thu 02-02-2017 to Sat 10-02-2018

Free Admission

日 日 和 器 HibiWaki HK Fringe Club x New Generation Japanese Ceramists Exhibition Close on all Sundays

Drawing Exhibition by Raymond Pang @Circa 1913

Raymond Pang x The Fringe Club

  • Sat 26-08-2017 to Mon 06-11-2017

Free Admission

Using humble materials such as stone, wood and copper wire, Pang creates artworks that demonstrate a soft, sensual touch.

“Meets ... ” Photo Exhibition by VeryBrutus

  • Sat 26-08-2017 to Sat 02-09-2017

Free Admissions

As the Founder and Chief Photographer of FreShMAn Music Magazine, Brutus ensures the quality and “Originality” of each photograph captured in every page of the issue; hoping that the readers will understand the music narrative through her lens.