2015 Spotlight Hong Kong in Singapore

Lunch with Colin Goh

2015-06-10 03:32 PM

Introducing the team to Colin Goh of The RICE Company, Ltd! Great to see you, Colin! 

RTHK Interview with Benny and Andy

2015-04-28 04:08 PM

Dancer and choreographer Andy Wong shows off his dance moves for the RTHK TV crew during an interview with Fringe Club’s Benny Chia.  Andy and his Dancing Angels will be performing with us this summer in Singapore!

Meeting with Elaine and Sinclair

2015-03-02 06:55 PM

Fringe Club’s Benny Chia meeting with Elaine Liu of Starlight Elan Orchestra and Sinclair Ang of Singapore’s the JAZZ INC Swing Dancers to discuss their upcoming collaboration for Spotlight Hong Kong’s “Swing it by the Bay” at the Esplanade this July. Looking forward to an exciting collaboration!

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