NOVE at the Fringe

2/F, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 12:00 - 24:00

All-day dining


Table Booking

Call 2130 6546 / Whatsapp 9740 0146

A private dining room is available


Welcome to Nove at the Fringe, here we serve authentic traditional dimsum, Chiu Chow specialties and refined Cantonese fare.


Nove launched its first diner on Li Yuen Street East in Central in mid-2019.  Now, Nove’s second location is at the Fringe Club, a Grade-1 listed heritage building and a vibrant arts venue in Central.  The arrangement sees one of the city’s best new Chinese-dining concepts, created under Michelin-starred chef Umberto Bombana’s Octavium Group, setup in a beautiful and sought-after space of Hong Kong landmark building.  


Nove and the Fringe Club share a passionate interest in cultural and heritage conservation.  The décor of Nove at the Fringe best described as redefined vintage Chinese chic, is by Albert Kwan (關其樂), the visionary designer behind the original Nove, China Tang and the China Club.  Famous stylist Felix Wong, who has dressed Eason Chan and other artists, has designed the uniforms for Nove’s servers.


In the kitchen, chef Wong Yiu-por (黃耀波師傅), whose 50-year career has included stints as dimsum supervisor at China Tang and one-Michelin-starred Island Tang, is Nove’s talented and innovative dimsum master.  Chiu Chow delicacies such as Lo Shui marinated goose, pig’s trotters and offal are the domain of former Chiu Tang chef Poon Kwai-chung (潘貴重師傅).  In charge of Cantonese dishes is chef Chan Hing-kei (陳慶其師傅), who has over 30 years’ experience cooking across China and Hong Kong.


As a playful homage to two of Hong Kong’s jazz legends, Nove at the Fringe has named two unique dimsum dishes: “Eugene Bao” alter Eugene Pao (包以正), and “Ted Lo Soh” alter Ted Lo (羅尚正).  The chefs have also created fascinating new dishes especially for Nove at the Fringe – for example, a special-reciped Char Siu roast pork will be served only at this new restaurant. 


You may have noticed the artworks on display and also for collection on the walls of the restaurant.  These are selected works by artists who gave their first shows at the Fringe Club: Bobby Liu (廖智恒), Chau Shik-hung (巢錫雄), Hiromi Fujiwara (藤原弘美), Peggy Chan (陳佩玲), Tsang Chui-mei (曾翠薇) and Wong Shun-kit (王純杰).  The art not only endows this beautifully reinvented space with a distinct sense of place, it also provides a glimpse into the diversity of Hong Kong’s creative talents.


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