Cowboy Blues...An Homage to Sam Shepard

Exhibition - Drama

Performance Exchange (UK)
  • Fri 19-01-2018 8:00 PM - 1 h

Fringe Underground

HKD 150 (Standard) HKD 120 ( Fringe members) HKD 120 (S,SC,D)

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"Cowboy Blues.....An Homage to Sam Shepard"
A fascinating stage celebration of the life and work of the late Pulitzer Prize and Oscar nominated writer, actor and musician Sam Shepard, performed by Daniel Foley of Performance Exchange. Sam Shepard wrote 55 plays and appeared in more than 70 movies. His creations beautifully captured the dark, brooding world of the American hinterland. From the playpen to death row. 


* Show Type: Drama
* Language: English
* Age Limit: 6+
* Duration: 60 min

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