As Usual


Solo exhibition by Lau Wai Cheong
  • Fri 30-03-2018 to Sun 30-09-2018

Fringe Vault

Free admission


From craftsman to artist. From machinery to humanity. Discover the root of everyday living.
Lau Wai Cheong (Cheong gor) 

Lau Wai Cheong spent the first half of his life as a skilled mechanician, and started doing amateur art after he found a shabby Phillips bicycle. In restoring that British bicycle, he was inspired by the philosophy of the past and wanted to celebrate the bygone features of old pieces once again in modern society. Going from being a craftsman to an artist, he has discovered that he loves creating art with machinery parts and searching for the purest beauty inside the most primitive metalwork. His works remind us to live in the moment, to feel the innerness of the city, and to find the balance between the self and the outside world.




Metal sculptures and installation

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