Mime, Behavior and Psychoanalysis

Exhibition - Talk

Philip Fok
  • Sat 13-04-2013 2:30 PM - 2 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

$120; $96(M); $100(SC,S,D)
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In Cantonese


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Philip Fok is acknowledged as the pioneer in the field of mime art in Hong Kong.  In 1985 he received a British Council grant to study mime under Master Desmond Jones at his school in London.  In 1987 he established the Fringe Mime and Movement Laboratory to promote mime art in Hong Kong, and in 1992 he migrated to Australia, with the status of “Outstanding Person – Mime Artist”.
In this talk, mime artist Philip Fok will show how mime is a useful tool for understanding and analyzing human behaviour and psychology. Mime uses the body as the vehicle for expression, and a mime artist’s body language is drawn from everyday life, so it is inevitably influenced by the person’s psychological history and habits.

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