Children painting, Mime, Creativity

Exhibition - Talk

Philip Fok
  • Sat 20-04-2013 2:30 PM - 2 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

$120; $96(M); $100(SC,S,D)
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$220; $176 (M); $180

In Cantonese


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Philip Fok is acknowledged as the pioneer in the field of mime art in Hong Kong.  In 1985 he received a British Council grant to study mime under Master Desmond Jones at his school in London.  In 1987 he established the Fringe Mime and Movement Laboratory to promote mime art in Hong Kong, and in 1992 he migrated to Australia, with the status of “Outstanding Person – Mime Artist”.
Philip Fok performs and teaches mime, and has also studied Western painting for many years.  He has combined his extensive knowledge and experience of painting, mime, child psychology and art therapy to devise a practical system for teaching art to children.  His talk is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in the history and the latest trends, issues and challenges in the field of children’s creativity.

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