Tranquility • Vibrancy - a solo art exhibition by Chan Chok Ki


  • Wed 03-04-2019 to Mon 15-04-2019

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

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Hong Kong city life is a fast-paced journey full of anxiety, perplexity and contradiction.  The artist turned to oil painting as an escape from his high-pressured career life.  The paintings reflected his state of mind at different space and time.  At times, it was full of excitement, vibrancy, fear, sarcasm and irony;   other times, it was peaceful, relax, quiet, serene and beautiful.   Arising from his daily encounters, inspirations, frustrations and memories, the artist transformed them into paintings that expressed his feelings, energy and surreal thoughts.  He set free his intuition and sought to inspire and stimulate audiences to transcend across and beyond boundaries.

Through his paintings, the artist invites you to discover the positive energy of tranquility and vibrancy and a world that you may not have discovered until now.


About the artist

Chan Chok Ki is a native Hong Kong artist who focused on oil painting for over 10 years.  With engineering and business background, he picked up painting as a way to escape from the intense and busy life of this densely populated metropolitan city.  A frequent traveler, he is inspired by the beauty of nature, the diversity and richness of culture and people and the contradiction in society around the globe.  He transformed his passion and feelings through oil colors into paintings with distinct style and characters.  Each painting reflects the artist’s state of mind, inner energy, emotion and his optimism in life.  


Wed 03-Apr-2019 to Mon 15-Apr-2019

03-Apr   3pm - 8:30pm

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15-Apr 10am - 7pm

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Harp Performance by Lilian Chan:

3 April   6pm - 7pm


Meet the Artist:

3 April   5pm - 7:30pm

During Exhibition   6pm - 7pm


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