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Ricky TK
  • Thu 14-03-2019 8:00 PM - 1 h 10 m

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I find the piano solo genre very attractive.  All I need to do is sit down and just play and play, and then I can finish the concert.  Last year I was unbelievably inspired from May to August, and I composed twelve piano pieces lasting a total of almost one hour – they’re listed below.  The style is a bit minimal, a bit postmodern and a bit indeterminate.  Anyway, just listen, or have a drink...


Tse Kin-chuen Ricky

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts in 1996, Ricky has composed a number of orchestral pieces, including violin concerto, cello concerto, and chamber music works.   In 1995, Ricky’s composition Confrontation was awarded the first prize at the ACL Young Composer prize.

In 1997 and 2000, Ricky’s composition Bird and A Trip to Chaos were performed by the ensemble of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in the Hong Kong Composers Workshop.

Ricky has been playing piano for many years.  He is ready to perform his new piano works composed in 2018. He will continue to do so in the future.



Repertoire (Première )

1. Snow scene
The mood of floating snow.  A scene of snowflakes.

2. Late Autumn
Rapid playing techniques represent the autumn wind.  A slow section expresses the mood of leaves falling.

3. An empty playground
The interesting title comes from my love of playing Lego.  The sound of the middle section evokes the sound of playing American pool.  Afterwards, a slow emotional passage starts...

4. Wind and leaves
The rolling of leaves on the ground, or... in the air... just rolling and rolling...

5. From stream to ice (with electronic music)

6. Episode of fiction
Open the novel, so many passages... Ah, finally I find my favourite passage.

7. Rose bud
It’s difficult to think of any other title than this.  I saw a film and was inspired.  Maybe the colour suits the piece.

8. The Wasted land
The melodic theme emerges very late, and reappears in another slow section.  Finally, all that’s left behind is a wasted land.

9. The cloud is getting thicker
Clouds are gradually covering the whole sky.

10. Echoes from Internet (with electronic music)

11. Simple transformation
Simple melody, simple development and a bit artificial... and that’s fine.

12. Flying wood chips when the tree falls
These words are an attempt to express the inexpressible essence of the melody.

13. Three episodes
The music has three sections: the first two are slow, and the third one is longer and faster.  The second section returns as a coda.


- Admission: 30 minutes before show time.
- It is a seated concert. e-first-served.
- Drink coupon will be distributed at the door.
- No outside drink or food is allowed inside the venue.


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