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Screening and discussion of I’ve got the blues

Exhibition - Documentary Film Screening

Fringe Cinema
  • Fri 08-03-2019 7:30 PM - 2 h 30 m

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

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Cantonese with English subtitles


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In the interaction of Hong Kong painter Wong Yan-kwai and the film director, sparks and arguments, egos and humility, love and betrayal, and human complexities surface.

Wong Yan-kwai is a complex man.
The film follows and reveals him in his essence, in his element.
In his interaction with the director, we discover unexpected elements of this character, and what it is like to“tango” with an artist who may be difficult and lives in a box of his choosing.

I relish telling moving stories through documentaries.

Wong Yan-kwai says, “I’m a born painter, so I paint.” He’s curious about everything, passionate about creativity, the arts, and people. If my previous documentaries are about love, I can see his deep love for what he does.

Through him - a painter, writer, musician, photographer, art director - we will engage on another journey of discovery. It might be a film about love, about persistence, about betrayal, about obstinacy, about ego. I remember his famous line: “When you are used to poverty, you don’t feel poor. I am in touch with my basic instincts, and I respect and follow it. That’s why I’m happy.”

Hong Kong is known to be about money. I have sought to bring the vibrant underground art scene to the forefront, to introduce “Yank” and his friends, to make this film not only about Yank, but also about Hong Kong and its people. Wim Wender brought Cuban music to the world in the Buena Vista Social Club, so let’s bring Hong Kong’s artists to the world.

I’ve Got the Blues (2017) garnered the Best Feature Documentary Award at the FFD2017, and screened at the VIFF, BIFF, FFD, ADIFF, HKIFF, Singapore Chinese Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival to date.

One Tree Three Lives (2012) garnered the Film Merit Award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2013, nominated the Best Film and Best Director categories at the Chinese Film Media Awards 2013. 

This Darling Life (2008) was nominated the Best Documentary at the Taipei Golden Horse Awards 2008, and the Most Inspiring Film at the Ming Pao Arts Awards.

Post screening discussion speakers:
Director Angie Chan 
Co-editors:Angie Chan, Jean Wu, Chu Hoi Ying

Come and celebrate with the women working in the current film industry, the trials and tribulations compared with the past decades, when HD cameras and digital editing haven’t been invented yet.

Besides the sharing of the filming process, our guest speakers will share their own experience, talking about the challenges they faced and their feelings as the female filmmakers in the movie industry.

Director: Angie Chan|BA & MA from the University of lowa, MFA from UCLA

Chan has been making films since 1979. She is a member of the Hong Kong Film Director’s Guild and was its committee board member 2012; a consultant with the Hong Kong Arts Development Council 2016; juror for the Hong Kong International Film Festival Documentary Competition 2013; tutor for Operation Greenlight with Create Hong Kong 2016 & 2017.

Jean Wu | MFA from HKBU Film

Wu participated in the editing of documentary films “Yellowing” & “I’ve got the blues”. She had been working on documentary editing and education since graduation.

Chu Hoi Ying | BA from CUHK Music, MFA from HKBU Film

Chu was a member of Asian Film Academy at BIFF 2016. She involved in the filming and editing of the documentary film “I’ve got the blues”. In 2019, she finished making her Fresh Wave short film.

*Show type: Screening
*Language: Cantonese, English
*Age Limit: IIA
* Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (without intermission)

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