Pop-up Bookshop Gallery


Exhibitors: Blacksmith Books, Bolaven, Craftopia, Fleurs des Lettres, I’MPERFECT, MCCM Creations, Proverse Hong Kong, SOIL
Guest artist: Lau Gukzik
  • Thu 04-07-2013 to Wed 31-07-2013

Fringe Vault


This pop-up bookshop gallery is part of the mini-exhibition ‘Creative Ventures into Publishing, Crafts, Design and Coffee Farms’ and also its extension. Books, magazines, crafts objects and coffee beans from the participants and artworks from the guest artist of the exhibition will be on display and available for purchase here.


Special event:

6 July (Sat) 14.00 – 15.30

A Saturday sharing session with publishers, editors and authors who share their vision and challenges. This session will be conducted in English.


Gillian & Verner Bickley

Co-directors & Co-founders, Proverse Hong Kong


Mary Chan

Publisher, MCCM Creations


BOLAVEN (a coffee grower creating jobs for farmers and community, reaping hope and dignity through every seed sown); CRAFTOPIA (a design venture advocating Asian craft culture through collaborations with rural crafts(wo)men); I’MPERFECT (a movement that encourages the appreciation of imperfection in people and in the things we use); SOIL (a collaborative platform for artists / designers / cultural practitioners who are passionate in the art of crafts, its history and culture); and the four independent Hong Kong publishers, namely MCCM CREATIONS (Bilingual publisher of visual culture books and also organizer of various arts and literary programmes through the bookshop operation at Arts Centre), BLACKSMITH BOOKS (English books publisher of fiction and non-fiction about Hong Kong), PROVERSE HONG KONG (English books publisher of fiction, novels, memoirs, poetry collection, and academic literary research), and FLEURS DES LETTRES (Chinese literary magazine published by Spicy Fish Cultural Production, dedicating to raising awareness of Hong Kong literature and creative education).


LAU GUKZIK is a local artist specialized in printmaking. She employed modern printing machines and materials such as offset machine, photocopier, fax machine and digital output to create her works.

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