Liu Chi Hang Solo Exhibition


  • Fri 24-05-2019 to Wed 29-05-2019

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


The Pang Chai Studio is an old house that fell into disuse long ago. Now, the house is a studio for the artist, Lui Chi-hang.  The process of making art in such an old place has enabled him to build a relationship with old things, and reminds him to live a happy life– “Mind over matter.”  Although water leaks into Pang Chai and the fuses are blown, it’s a peaceful place for him to concentrate on drawing. 


Drawing old things inspires the artist to do something new.  In ancient times, artisans were usually confined to a limited range of tools and materials, but eventually their creations, restricted in lines and shapes, became part of the culture.  Nowadays, people can master the skills of photography, computer graphics, printing, etc., which makes it easy for them to create art, but the more options that are available to them, the more dazed and confused they become. 


So the artist has found inspiration in antiquities to produce this series, which celebrates the craftsmanship of ancient artisans from the perspective of modern art, in a bid to express the beauty of the restraint of traditional art.  He uses vivid colours that add a modern Western aesthetic to his works, yet at the same time he brings the grace and elegance of traditional Chinese art into his paintings.  Old and new co-exist with and offset each other, exploring the Oriental aesthetics while at the same time offering a feast for the eyes.

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