"Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe" Visible Photo Exhibition


The Fringe Club
  • Tue 30-04-2019 to Sat 29-06-2019

Fringe Vault

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Presented by the Fringe Club, the successful “Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” jazz promotion project ran from January 2018 until April 2019.  Over those 16 months, the Fringe Club organised 66 jazz concerts, 38 educational programmes, two phases of the “Jazz Youth Internship Scheme” and two Jazz Age Parties.  Over 200 local and overseas jazz musicians performed, and a total of over 6,000 audience-members attended or participated in the various events.  On show in this exhibition are photographs taken during the project – portraits of participating jazz musicians and bands and images capturing memorable moments.  Our aim is to enable more people to learn about the “Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” project.  We are proud to play our part in nurturing a vibrant local jazz ecology.


All the photographs in the exhibition were taken by our Jazz Youth Interns recruited under the “Jazz Youth Internship Scheme”.


Jazz Youth

First Phase

CHAN Chau Wai Autumn
CHAN Kwan Tin
CHAN Yee Wing Michelle
CHUI Hoi Tung Hilda
HUANG Jiajia
LAM Chui Ying Jocelyn
LAW Hoi Ying Vicgina
LEE Seen Tung Seen
LEUNG Chung Lam
LI Kar Hei Kurtis
LUI Hiu Ching Stephany
MA Cyril
SIU Wai Yi Angela
TAN Yong Zhi Angie
YAN Sze Ki Danice
ZHANG Hui Cello
Second Phase
CHAN Tin Chun Michael
CHAN Yik Hang Eason
FUNG Pui Alice
LAM Siu Man Samantha
LEE Ka Yu Peter
LO Hei Yu Agnes
TAN Ying Yi Kristy
TANG Hannah Hope
TSANG Sze Wai Yoyo
TSE Alice
WANG Zi Yi Jennifer
WONG Lok Yi Gloria
ZENG Yue Becky
Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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