Benson Koo
  • Tue 16-07-2013 to Mon 29-07-2013

Fringe Vault


The prosperity and orderliness of our city are merely illusions as dead hearts are scattered everywhere. In this decadent metropolis, we are taught to conform to norms and values no matter how absurd and distorted they are. In return, we become consumed by such immorality and corrupt humanity. Instead of being our own masters, we have turn into the slaves of our inner demons.

Artist Benson Koo is hosting his solo exhibition “Distortion” from July 16th to July 29th at The Fringe Club. His paintings use mixed media to capture the tension of corrupted humanity and morality in a series of distorted figures. They are the testaments of how people are brought together to face the challenges amidst the decadence.

Born in the 80s in Hong Kong, Benson Koo creates his works as monochrome pictures. His paintings are silent movies of his inner beings and depictions of the psyche of a grotesque-like society.

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