Artifactual Exploration - A Kinetic Art Exhibition by Joseph Chan


  • Thu 19-09-2019 to Sat 05-10-2019

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


What is "kinetic art"? In our daily lives, we only see machines as tools, for instance watches display time and pens write. In what way can "machines" relieve the burden of purposes and be perceived as "art"?

In this exhibition the artist presents his kinetic sculptures. He attempts to design machines that are free from purposes and illustrate the very essence of themselves, therefore presenting the true nature of "machines" to the audience.

Through the intriguing shapes, delicate mechanisms and motions, these pieces aim to arouse curiosity, and provide an immersive experience to allow the audience to rediscover the pleasure of exploration.


About Joseph Chan

Joseph Chan is an enthusiast in mechanisms. From wind-up toys to astrophysics, from clockwork to the human body, Joseph believes that "machines" is everywhere around us. He explores the essence of "machines" through his unique way – in creating them.

Joseph was trained in mechanical engineering and graduated in the School of Creative Media in the City University of Hong Kong. He worked as a graphic designer for his university, made computer games and mechanical exhibit for Hong Kong Science Museum and Space Museum, and also designed and built a large mechanical artwork for Singapore Changi Airport. Traveling between the fields of engineering, science, and art, he finds an extraordinary world of explorations and imaginations.

Currently, his focus is on making kinetic sculpture.

Besides his personal works, Joseph often designs and builds special machines and electronic devices for artists, or participates in various art projects as a technical consultant. He is a foundation member of the Hong Kong art group XCEED, and the works were exhibited in various locations including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, and Greece.

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