Moonlit, blossoms


  • Thu 24-10-2019 to Wed 30-10-2019

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Moonlit, blossoms

Just as the seasons change, the moon waxes and wanes, flowers bloom and fade.

Karen Lee, an internationally acclaimed jewellery designer, reaches beyond her artisanal realm and takes a leaf from the elegance of Mother Nature for her first solo art exhibition, Blooming Under the Moonlight.

A master licence recipient of Kakubana and Shin-ka from the Misho-ryu school of Ikebana, she was particularly taken by the emblematic beauty of flowers and the moon, and has gracefully woven her signature poetic jewellery touch into her Nihonga paintings of the four seasons — think gemstones embellishing a lotus flower and bejewelled mountains.

Showcasing her finesse in Nihonga, a fading form of traditional Japanese art that comes to life using only all-natural pigments made from semi-precious stones and coral, Karen stays true to her uninhibited creative nature in these four paintings, accompanied by four different jewellery designs.


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